Selling with The Agent

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Why Choose Us?

Our sales professionals boast a fantastic record of selling properties using our wide range of local, regional, and national advertising. Their success starts with marketing at the correct price and setting reasonable expectations. Importantly the person who gives you a valuation remains your point of contact throughout the entire journey, from start to finish. 

At The Agent our valuers are our business partners and as such they are paid based on properties that sell, not on the number of houses they put on the market. Believe it or not this is quite unique. We have no intention of underselling your property, but at the same time we don’t assign an inflated value simply to gain your instruction and make our own stock list look impressive.

It is the fact that we deal with only a handful of properties that frees our partners up to respond much quicker to all enquiries, viewing requests and offers, giving you a better chance of achieving the sale you want.

Our experienced team fully understand the importance of clear communication, reliability, and support throughout the entire process. Not only will we find a buyer, we are also more than happy to handle the negotiations on the property you are looking to buy, or at least offer research and advice to assist you in getting it for the best price possible.

Our Commitments to You

Our Services

As well as featuring on all the major property portals, we offer a range of marketing services that other agencies often don’t have, such as interactive virtual viewings.

To get a feel for what an interactive virtual viewing can bring to your marketing check out our page on Matterport video tours. These interactive viewings are so much more than the basic video tours you may see with other agents. They allow people to measure up to see if furniture will fit and walk through at their own pace, looking around a full 360 degrees.

For a comprehensive service comparison please check out the chart below

Traditional Agents The Agent Online Agents
How do they operate?
Driven by number of new listings, not quality of service
Driven by quality of service, not number of new listings
Driven by number of new listings, not quality of service
Staff Experience?
No minimum
Minimum 10+ years
No minimum
Negotiation Experience?
Often inexperienced and ineffective at negotiation
All viewings and negotiation handled by your experienced local Agent
Minimal support. Less chance of a good price
When do I pay?
Fees paid in arrears
No sale, no fee
Fees paid in advance
Staff Quality?
Often low paid and unmotivated
5-star sales professionals
Often forced to upsell low-quality services
Contract length?
Usually 8-12 weeks
No tie-in
Usually for entire ownership of your property
Single point of contact?
Floorplans, professional photography and virtual tours available?

The Next Step - Booking a Valuation

If you decide that we are The Agent for you, or if you want to know more, the next step is to book a valuation with your local property expert.

The valuer who comes to your house will give you an honest appraisal of your property and tell you what it is worth in the current market environment, they will also advise you on the selling process and how to move forward if you choose to sell with us.

At The Agent, our commitments to transparency and communication are what set us apart as an award-winning agency. As such our valuer will act as your point of contact throughout the entire sales process, handling everything from viewings to negotiations. They will be available 7 days a week and are truly accountable to you from their initial appraisal all the way until your sale reaches completion.

Valuations can be booked using the enquiry form here, or on your local agent’s page.

Alternatively, you can call 03330 904071 to book over the phone.

What Do You Need to Do After?

Talk To Your Allocated Property Professional

Please call your partner agent to arrange a suitable time and date that a photographer can visit to do the interactive tour, pictures, and floorplan. They will try to visit on the best day possible weather wise to get your property in the best light possible. Please remember we take a little longer with our interactive tour and photos because we capture a 3D scan of your property in High Definition, not just a general layout and a few quick snaps. This appointment will take a couple of hours and our photographer will call you to discuss.

Useful Information / Planning Permissions

If your property has undergone any extensive building, change of use, damp proofing or insulation it is advisable to have copies of any guarantees or granted permissions. Furthermore, if your property requires any modernisation, for example double glazing or a new kitchen, a handy tip is to obtain quotes for the items, to ensure you are aware of any cost implications, plus it helps you gauge whether potential buyers are being realistic with their offers!

Provide Suitable Proof of Identification

To sell your property we need to see ID that proves your likeness, full name, and address for money laundering purposes. Suitable forms of ID acceptable to prove your name would be a Current Driving Licence or Passport. To prove residency, we can accept a Current Driving Licence, State Pension book or Bank Statement / Utility Bill dated less than 3 months. There must be two different forms of I.D, as an example the Driving Licence cannot prove both parts. We will use software to scan your ID and run an anti-money laundering check.

And Finally, Trust Your Agent!

Your assigned property professional will have a minimum of 10 years local experience. They will always be honest with viewing feedback (without trying to cause offence) and any constructive criticism will be provided with the aim of obtaining a sale at the best price possible. It is important your agent understands your timescales and the reasons behind them in order to best assist you. Your assigned professional can also help negotiate on your onwards property purchase, whether it’s for sale with us or not.

What Happens Once Your Property is Under Offer?

Any offers that come in will go through your assigned agent who knows your property and exactly what your requirements are.

They will handle any and all negotiations until you get a price that you are satisfied with. However, our job hasn’t finished yet. We’re not just about putting SOLD STC. on to our boards and calling it a day. Our expert sales progression ensures that The Agent will be with you every step of the way – until the day you hand over the keys and money arrives in your bank account!

Once you have accepted an offer, your agent will then work on gathering everything that is required to proceed with your sale, including the buyer’s ID, proof of funds, agreement in principle, details of their mortgage broker (if they have one), and the details of their solicitor. Once they have chased up these details, the memorandum of sale will be sent out. 

 The period AFTER you have accepted an offer is where working with a one-to-one agent really makes a big difference. From the initial valuation and attending viewings they will have really got to know you and your property. As such, potential issues that crop up can be nipped in the bud far more quickly and effectively, reducing the chances of them putting a stall on your sale. 

Amber and red marks across a surveyor’s report?  

 As your agent knows your property, they know exactly why they are there and can answer any of the buyer’s questions or allay their fears.  Things that can have a big red mark next to them on a surveyors report may actually be a quick and relatively cheap fix.  Having an experienced agent who understands your property can be the difference between a sale falling through or reaching completion.

Valuation differences after the survey and the sale is at risk of falling through? 

 A good agency that understands the importance of Sales Progression will know that a down value on your property from a buyers mortgage valuer, does not necessarily mean you have to see your sale fall through or lose out on the property you were looking to buy.  An experienced Sales Progressor will call through the estate agents that represent other people in your chain to see if a bit of co-operation can even out the down valuation across the chain to keep things moving.  This is needed more often that you’d think, particularly in a rising market.

When choosing an estate agency, don’t just go off the number of sold boards you see up, as quite often it does not reflect the number of sales actually completing.  A lot of sold boards up can be a sign of sales taking a very long time to go through because of slow or purely reactive sales progression.

If you’d like to discuss your property sale in more detail, just give us a call or drop us a message via the website.

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