Easy Tips to Help your House Appeal to Buyers

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Have you ever wondered how to quickly make your home more appealing to buyers?

We have prepared a few tips to easily (no paint involved) get your home looking its best for potential viewers.

First Impressions and Outside Appeal

The outside of your house and your gardens are key in forming a viewer’s first opinions. So, it is important to make sure that all your outside lighting is working, your fences in good shape, your bushes trimmed, and your lawns mowed.

A potential extra factor is having a front garden that looks easy to maintain. With people getting busier and busier, having a front garden that looks good with little to no effort can be a real selling point.

Indoor TLC

A clean house tells potential buyers that you have taken good care of it – inspiring confidence that everything is still in good nick.

Some easy fixes to make your house that little bit fresher include, lubricating any squeaky doors, replacing old shower curtains, and cleaning out the oven so it looks as good as new.

Let There Be Light

A bright home is an appealing home. Turning your lights on will help, well, light it up. It also has the added benefit of showing that all the light fixtures are working.

Following this, opening all the blinds and curtains will help to illuminate your home with natural light. Having mirrors opposite windows will also help to further brighten rooms and give them a more spacious feel that can help your home appeal to buyers.

Keep it Clutter Free

Keeping a house clutter free opens up the space and really helps a potential buyer imagine themselves in the house.

Decluttering all the kitchen tops will help your kitchen look both tidier and more spacious, and everyone loves a bigger kitchen.

The same goes for the garage, try to get rid of your unwanted items and stack everything else neatly, let the viewer imagine their car and other belongings inside.

Lastly, if you are an animal lover, keep pet’s toys, bowls and even the pets themselves out of sight if you can. These all add a bit of (loveable) chaos to a house, which could potentially be a turn off to buyers who aren’t into pets.

Using a Great Agent

While these were all quick tips that anyone can do to help their home’s appeal. The best thing you can do to help progress your sale is by using an estate agent you can trust.

At The Agent, we offer award winning, one-to-one service from agents who have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in your local area. Our agents know your area inside out and understand what your potential buyers are looking for, they can pick the right aspects of your home to bring to the fore in order to maximise your home’s appeal.

If you are looking to sell – book a valuation with us today or get in touch with your local agent by following the link here.

Peter Austin
Peter Austin

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