9 Things to Consider When Putting your Home on the Market

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Have you been contemplating moving for a while? Maybe you have finally decided it is time for a change of scenery – but with so much to do, and so little time to do it in, the stress of actually selling your property is really souring your dream move.

One way to reduce the stress of moving is to make it as swift and smooth as possible. To help you do this we have prepared a nifty 9-point list of things to keep in consideration as you market your home.

Check out the competition

Look at what other houses in your area are selling for, you can also view the most recently sold prices online. While doing your research you can also see how each seller presented their home. The easiest way to get an accurate appraisal of your home’s market value is to book a valuation with your trusted local estate agent (that would be us!).


Everyone has their own unique way of living, and our homes tend to reflect our characters. Unfortunately, not everyone’s tastes will match our own, so decluttering can have a large impact on your home’s appeal to buyers.

Emptier kitchen worktops make the whole space look larger, and more space in rooms gives your buyers space to imagine how their furniture and belongings will fit.


We’re not saying your home is dirty! But sparkling kitchen tops, carpets you want to sleep on, tiles that could double as plates in avant garde restaurants, and not leaving your Christmas tree in the garden until February (please don’t judge me) – The cleaner eveything is, the newer it feels and more your home will appeal to buyers.


Are there any small repairs that need doing? Now’s the time to mend that broken fence panel and give those scuff marks a touch of paint! Small fixes that quickly improve the appearance of your home are a quick win. They won’t cost you much and it will make your home look that little bit better to potential buyers.

Alternatively, you could go the whole hog and paint everything! Depending on who you ask a fresh lick of paint can increase the value of your home by a few £1000+ (Dulux say over 20% for the exterior- but they would). Apparently, blues are the best at the moment, but having a neutral colour scheme throughout your home’s interior increases its appeal as it is easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves in each room.

The Garden

Don’t forget the garden and the front of the house. Are there any bushes or trees that need trimming? Are the windows clean, has the grass been cut? Are there any out of season Christmas trees? Kerb appeal is getting ever more important, the first thing your buyers will see is the front of the house and that first impression can colour their whole viewing experience.


You don’t want to be delayed waiting for a gas safety certificate, or any other paperwork – perhaps from building control for any structural work you had carried out. Make sure you have any paperwork ready for your potential buyers to keep things moving forward smoothly.


Don’t give your solicitors any excuses to delay you! Call them and double-check if there is anything you need in terms of conveyancing and paperwork to get the ball rolling.

You can avoid a lot of hassle involved with chasing solicitors is you ask around to make sure you get a good one, ask friends, family, your local estate agents, they will all have had different experiences and their insight will help you make the best choices for your situation and budget. 

Photography and Video Tours

We normally always recommend getting professional photography and video tours to market your home. A professional property photographer will know how to show your home in its best light, emphasising all of the hard work you put into getting your home ready to sell.

A bonus tip: If you choose to go for a Matterport virtual tour (you definitely should, they are incredible and buyers love them), make the house as presentable as possible before it is taken. They capture everything and you can’t hide stuff behind the photographer!

Once this is all done, check out your home’s listing online and check the pictures for accuracy. Once you have done all this everything should be picture perfect and you will soon be on the move for the right price.

The Best Tip for a Swift & Seamless Move

To make selling your property as painless as possible, one of the best things you can do is hire a great estate agent.

Luckily, that’s where our award-winning one-to-one service comes in. Whether you are looking to sell your property in Spalding, Lincoln, or Horncastle, our local agents all having over 15 years experience helping people move homes swiftly and seamlessly.

Peter Austin
Peter Austin

Peter is a writer and photographer with a great interest in property, design, and the economy.

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