Dear parents,

We, The Agent, are very excited to have this Christmas contest at Quadring school! The instructions for the contest are on the sheets, but in short, the aim is to create the best possible winter home for Santa Claus.

We have never sold a winter wonderland before, but as an award-winning estate agency we are pretty confident in our eye for property. We will judge all the entries, with the best houses winning a prize!

KS1 will win a 90 years of play Lego set and storage container.

KS2 will win a I am Groot set and storage container (See the pics below).

The deadline for the contest is the 9th of December, we can’t wait to see all the great designs!

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Hello everyone,

It’s coming up to that magical time of year and we need your help to design the best possible winter home for Father Christmas.

All you need to do is design a home for Father Christmas and tell us about some of the features that make it perfect – whether it is a special bath for reindeers, a little kitchen for the elves, or even an underground present factory – The only limit is what you can think of!

Feel free to create your winter wonderland however you like, hand drawn or on the computer. We are looking forward to seeing all your houses and the best will win an awesome Lego prize!

KS1 Prize

KS2 Prize