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5 Benefits of Using your Local Estate Agent

When it comes to selling your property, making sure you choose the right estate agent is crucial. There are many options available, ranging from national estate agents to a whole host of online platforms that promise to sell your home via their app. Despite this, the best choice of estate agent is incredibly clear (yes, we are biased) – it is your local, independent estate agent!

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9 Things to Consider When Putting your Home on the Market

Have you been contemplating moving for a while? Maybe you have finally decided it is time for a change of scenery – but with so much to do, and so little time to do it in, the stress of selling your property is adding a lot of unwanted stress to your life.

One way to reduce the stress of moving is to make it as swift and smooth as possible. To help you do this we have prepared a nifty 9-point list of things to keep in consideration as you market your home.

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What’s in Nettleham?

Lately, we have been getting a lot of interest in properties in Nettleham and the surrounding areas.

And it’s no surprise, Nettleham is a beautiful village and a great place to live for all ages. So, we thought it might be a good idea to write a small blog post about what the village has to offer!

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Selling with The Agent

Going through our sales process, we highlight what makes us different. And ultimately, why you should choose us as The Agent to sell your home.

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What is the Sole Agency Period?

Considering how important an event selling your home is, understanding exactly what is included in your estate agent’s terms and conditions is vital to ensure that you don’t get any (potentially expensive) surprises down the line!

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Ashwood Homes – New Developments

The Agent is happy to announce that Ashwood Homes have appointed Bernard Snowden, The Agent in Spalding as their selling agent for five new developments.

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Why January is One of the Best Months to Sell your House

Believe it or not, if you are looking for a quick sale, January is actually one of the best months to sell your home.

Data from the HomeOwners Alliance found that properties listed in January now take an average of 60 days to sell over the last seven years. This ranges from 51 to 75 days (with the 75 being a bit of an outlier, the next highest was 63!).

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UK Homeowners Settling for Below Asking Price

People selling their home have had to settle for an average of 3% below their asking price in recent weeks. This is in contrast to much of 2021 and the first half of this year where property mostly matched asking price.